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One who scans and considers; resources
and protects; delivers optimal outcomes

Shepherd & Co Real Estate Advisory are a people first, highly connected and deeply invested real estate advisory firm – a genuine friend and objective ally to Tasmanian home purchasers and sellers alike.

Highly selective, considered and responsive, we ensure our clients, both local and remote have only the most positive experiences when transacting real estate by sharing our vast combined professional experience and trusted local networks.

We pride ourselves on our ability to listen, interpret, to inform and empower, and to ethically and passionately facilitate only those opportunities and outcomes we are proud to put our names to. Outcomes that consistently exceed our client’s expectations.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you.

Our Services

Whether you’re researching, buying or selling; we provide representation across the full property to property life-cycle.


confidential property Advice

Tailored professional consultancy.

Your go to service for prompt and trusted advice on all real estate matters.

Opinion on fairness of asking price; site visits + visual reporting; region or neighbourhood assessments; development site or renovation baseline feasibility; undisclosed property considerations; confidential dependable market appraisal; high return preparation for sale recommendations; pre-contractual or offer formulation advice.

Whatever your need, we are on the ground, highly informed, and at the ready to assist.

From $1,000 + GST.  24 hr turnaround

Buyers Advocacy

Search + Assess & Negotiate

Dedicated purchaser representation.

Fixed fee on success representation for active real estate purchasers.​

Perhaps you have finally found the perfect property and wish to optimise your chances of a successful negotiation. Maybe you’re time poor, disheartened and would like the comfort of knowing you have someone applying a full time search on your behalf. ​

Enjoy a competitive advantage; Partner with an advocate to expedites the process, increase your options and vastly improve your chances of securing the right property, under the right terms.

Sellers Advocacy

ENSURE Premium Sales Results

We’ll oversee and optimise your sales campaign.

Impartial, dependable and confidential pre-listing advice. An invaluable step before committing to sell.

For those wanting to avoid error, minimise time on market, optimise the sale price of their properties, streamline the process, and transition smoothly from home to home.

The prospect of preparing and selling a home can be daunting, physically taxing and highly emotional.  End to end project management assures our sellers advocacy clients avoid costly mistakes and experience only the most positive outcomes.

Charming, Inspiring, Burgeoning.

“The home of choice for foodies and oenophiles, environmentalists, adventurers and simplicity seekers alike. And for many, a blossoming and magnetic state now firmly in their sites as a retreat of a more permanent nature. Tasmania is largely considered a safe haven, and now, more than ever before, it’s gentle allure is resonating near and far.

Climate migrants, entrepreneurs and quieter lifestyle seeking folks in their droves, are increasingly looking to secure their little slice of our much-revered Apple Isle. And it’s little wonder why… Hobart and our many heritage and naturally abundant hamlets offer a different kind of life. A full yet gentle life.

A true antidote to modern urban living. A chance to change pace, connect, explore, innovate and experience what it really means to be Tasmanian. To contribute; to be part of a proud and determined, yet humble community; to embrace both the simple things and revel in the extraordinary.​

If it hasn’t already, if you’re not careful, this little corner of the world will cast its spell on you. And when it does, we welcome you, and look forward to representing your best interests here, as if they were our own.​

“Some changes are hard, this one shouldn’t be”

Download 15 Things I Wish I Knew Before Moving to Hobart

Our free insider’s guide to Hobart

Download 15 Things I Wish I Knew Before Moving to Hobart

This guide dives deep into everything you need to know about relocating to Hobart. We’ll explore the unique offerings of various locations to help you find your perfect fit. We’ll also equip you with the knowledge to navigate the intricacies of Hobart’s property market, ensuring a smooth and successful buying experience.

What our clients are saying


Do Buyers Agents find me off market properties?

Yes. Good buyers agents typically secure around 30 – 50% of their properties pre or off market. Upcoming off market properties are shared in community groups and online portals, and via their many networks with mortgage brokers, solicitors, trades etc. One of the main roles of a Buyers Agent is also to continually liase with local selling agents and ensure they are informed of all properties that are currently being appraised and that are due to go to market within the following 1 – 6 months. This early notice gives the buyer’s agent plenty of time to inspect privately before the home is publicly listed, conduct their assessment and thorough due diligence without the stresses of time constraints and competition. Suitable properties can then be offered to their clients ahead of time to consider in addition to any listed properties.

How much do Buyers Agents cost in Tasmania?

Depending on the industry experience of the buyer’s agent you employ, for ‘Full Service;’ full time dedicated search, inspections, due diligence, negotiation and settlement service, the industry average fee in Tasmania is somewhere between 1.5 and 2.5%+gst of the purchase price. An upfront retainer or ‘Engagement’ fee is typically payable upfront on commencement. Some agents offer a flat fee flat fee based on the market sector and complexity of the brief. You may only want to engage your buyer’s agent to negotiate on a property you have found yourself which is generally around half the cost.

Will a buyers agents save me money on my home purchase?

Sometimes! A buyers agents role is to ensure you have the facts and to represent your best interests; to provide you with a clear understanding of the true current value of a property, along with sufficient context around the circumstances of the sale (the competition, the selling agents pricing practices, the vendors expectation and situation). A good buyers agent will stop you getting emotionally swept up, drawn in to selling agent tactics, and unknowingly overpaying or exposing yourself to risk. Sometimes clients may choose to pay fair market value or even a small amount more to secure their dream forever property. Buying off or pre-market often results in discounted sale prices accepted by vendors due to convenience, strong terms and ideal settlement timeframes.

What services do Buyers Agents provide?

The services provided by a buyer’s agent range depending on the level of service you have engaged them for. Services can include some or all of the following; On and off market property search, direct marketing, target property prospecting, site visits and attending open homes and private inspections, photographic and video reporting, detailed impartial property assessment reports, providing dependable market appraisals and relevant comparable sales and listings data, orientation and siting assessments, arranging building inspections, conducting renovation or development baseline feasibilities, organising boundary surveying, arranging for pre contract legal document review, conducting due diligence with local councils and planning depts, strategic negotiation representation, completing contracts of sales, obtaining rental appraisals, arranging for quotes and securing trades, offering relocation support and advice, managing pre settlement obligations and timeframes.

Are Buyer’s Agents fees tax deductible?

When buying an investment property, clients may be able to claim their buyer’s agent fee as part of the cost base, reducing their capital gains tax when it comes to sell. Speak to your tax advisor to find out what tax advantages are open to you.

Can I afford a buyers agent?

Unfortunately, there is a common misnomer that buyer’s agents are just ‘for the wealthy’ and not for the average Australian home buyer. An investment in a professional who’s been buying property for 10 or 20 years, who has the contacts and knows how to negotiate strategically, is actually saving you time, protecting your interests and saving you money all at the same time.
It comes down to appetite for risk and the average Australian first home buyer is not able to take that level of risk without professional advice. You only have to look at the average house price 10 years ago to now to see how prices have jumped in every capital city around Australia. Hindsight shows what you would have made in capital growth versus the cost of engaging a buyer’s agent. Likewise by panicking and either overpaying or not doing anything at all, costs a whole lot more than engaging a professional.

Do Buyers Agents recommend Building Inspectors and Conveyancers?

Yes, the better operators will have trusted professional networks of reputable professionals they can introduce you to. Reliable and qualified building and pest inspectors across Tasmania and local property conveyancers and solicitors. Often introductions to these professionals may be provide priority service and priority and better rates given the tenure of the professional relationship.

Can a Buyers Agent just do an inspection for me?

Yes, most buyers agent can simply attend an open inspection on your behalf if you are unavailable, don’t live locally, or just want someone independent to cast a critical and experienced eye over a property for you. They will provide photographic and video reporting, and an assessment including important insights, findings, relative data and a current market appraisal. They can be further engaged to facilitate additional research and more thorough due diligence and represent you through the negotiation phase too should you wish.

How should I choose a Buyer’s Agent?

Here are some questions you could ask prospective agents:


  • How many years of experience do you have and what are your qualifications?
  • Can you demonstrate excellent local knowledge of my search areas?
  • Can you give me some examples and context around some recent purchases in my search areas?
  • If you’re looking for a project, do you have renovation/development and feasibility work experience?
  • If looking for an investment, what recommendations would you make on locations, target investment yields, opportunity to manufacture equity, supporting infrastructure, expected growth rates?
  • How many properties have you purchased in your career and in my target location?
  • Are my expectations realistic? Are you confident you can secure me a home matching my brief within my budget? How long do you expect this may take? (Beware of over-promising)
  • What’s your search and buying process?
  • How do you access unadvertised properties? What percentage of homes do you purchase or off or pre market?
  • Will you put in writing that you receive no other commission/income as a result of the properties you recommend?
  • Can you provide me with some recent references, reviews or past clients to speak with?

In addition to doing your background checks and quantifying a buyer’s agents qualifications and results, it’s important you have a good sense of connection with your agent, that you trust in them, and feel confident that they truly understand your requirements and situation. Ultimately this a relationship, so go with who feels like the right fit!

Should you use a Buyers Agent in Tasmania?

Buying property in Tasmania, particularly as a non-resident can be particularly challenging and risky. Unlike other Australian states, there isn’t much in the way of mandatory disclosures, pricing or regulatory protections. The real estate market operates on a buyer beware basis, where you buy ‘as is, where is’ and the onus is on purchasers to do conduct their own in-depth due diligence. It’s very important to be confident you are receiving dependable advice from third party advisors (building inspectors, solicitors, selling agents etc), and that you are fully informed and aware of all the risks and obligations before entering in to a contract of sale. A buyers agent can be an invaluable asset and ally during this process to independently support and guide you.

Is there a cooling off period in Tasmania?

The Standard Form Contract for Sale of Real Estate in Tasmania does allow for a cooling off period of 3 business days, however, in competitive environments, most selling agents will provide contracts with this field pre-populated, stating the buyer waives their right to the cooling off period. Ultimately, it is up to the buyer to decide whether they’d like their offer subject to a cooling off period, but its important to consider this as part of the strength and positioning of your overall offer. Consult with your solicitor and buyer’s agent on this in the context of your other conditions and strategy.

Will a Buyers’ Agent contact a seller directly on my behalf?

It depends. A Buyers’ Agent will need to make contact with the party responsible for marketing the property, which in most cases will be the Real Estate Agent. The Buyers’ Agent will direct all queries, correspondence and negotiations through the vendor’s Selling Agent. The exceptions to this are if the property owner is advertising and selling the property directly themselves without engaging in a licensed Real Estate Agent. In this case, the Buyers’ Agent will make direct contact with the property owner. Often buyers agents will also approach property owners directly too if there clients have indicated they have a genuine interest in their home. This can be done via letters or door-knocking for very particular homes or locations.