SHEPHERD&CO Real Estate Advisory

For Buyers

We offer tailored and highly responsive buyer representation and are dedicated to representing only a handful of clients at any one time.  Whilst we have a proven general process, it is our preference to tailor our approach and offering to the individual. Regardless of the services required, being able to work intimately, assess opportunities as if through client’s eyes and act accordingly is critical to achieving positive and successful outcomes.

We offer three levels of service.

Property Advisory

Prompt, honest and impartial property advice and reporting. Your friend on the ground to provide trusted insights to help you quickly rule out or endorse potential opportunities; to personally inspect, assess and provide timely feedback; advise of likely lender based valuation and overall property viability.

Advisory + Negotiate

Let us manage agent communications, formulate competitive market value, provide unbiased and contextual feedback, quantify assumptions, facilitate your pre purchase and contractual due diligence, and represent you in successfully negotiating your desired property
on your terms.

Full Service

Expand your options with full time targeted and pro-active search and assess representation, vastly improving your exposure to pre and off market channels and premium opportunities. Expedite, de-risk and personalise the process; cut out the competition and secure your ideal property on your terms sooner.