SHEPHERD&CO Real Estate Advisory

Commercial – Change Of Use

Shepherd were engaged to proactively prospect for off market and pre market commercial spaces for the clients to run their allied healthcare offices from. A residential off-market conversion opportunity was uncovered in a high traffic area in the preferred council area. We conducted full feasibility via local council and various advisors on behalf of the client to ensure zoning and overlays would permit the specific use and successfully negotiated the property (for more than 10% under market value, and 15% under budget), satisfied the special terms and conditions through to successful settlement. 

Buyers Advocacy – Full Service 

Commercial asset for healthcare practise within a specific council area quadrant, 3-4 separate consulting rooms, adequate parking or sufficient space to create 4-6 car parks.  

Properties Assessed:
32 (12 off market, 100 letters dropped, 25 doors knocked)   

Offers Made:

Client Estimated Savings

Days to Purchase:
169 days   

Market Sector: