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First Home Buyers

The clients preferred property presented some concerns for us – we advised the property was within a certain distance of a powerline, which may pose difficulties depending on their lender. As suspected, the lender declined the loan, however the clients were reluctant to withdraw their interest. Through heavy consultation with multiple brokers, solicitors and valuers we represented the property for assessment, and renegotiated the contract price to allow the asset to be looked at more favourably by the lender.

Shepherd successfully acquired (in a complex and competitive multiple offer scenario) the 2+ Bedroom home on 750sqm of land, with established gardens and fruit trees, 15 mins from central Hobart. The house also had a separate powered outbuilding enabling later conversion to a home office and providing opportunity to manufacture further equity.

Hobart, Tasmania

Buyers Advocacy Full Service

Provide considered advice and navigate client safely through their first home buying journey..

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