SHEPHERD&CO Real Estate Advisory

Sandy Bay – Blue Chip Generational Home

Our retired clients approached us after hearing the property was about to be marketed for sale. Living in the area and being well known in Hobart circles, they engaged us to provide impartial advice on fair market value, manage all agent communications, and act on their behalf’s to avoid being pushed up based on their perceived financial capabilities. 

We were able to view privately prior to public launch, conduct all required due diligence incl onsite heritage consultation, building inspection, and production of special clauses within 9 hours to allow us to successfully negotiate the property with no conditions on the eve of the first open home. This allowed us to acquire the property despite being the third highest offer, with best terms. 

Assess and Negotiate  

Property Location:
Sandy Bay  

Market Sector:

Acquire strongly contested home for local couple 

7+ invested buyers + client’s requiring anonymity