SHEPHERD&CO Real Estate Advisory

For Sellers

Vendor Advisory

Vendor advisory is an invaluable, 100% confidential and obligation free service for those in the early stages of considering selling a property. 

A neutral, independent advisor to help you understand the true value of your property, what improvements should be considered to maximise sale price, the best methods to sell in the current environment, and how to avoid common costly mistakes when transacting real estate.


  • Your property offered to S&Co buyer database
  • Impartial property appraisal
  • Competitive fee range / structure advice
  • Asset optimisation advice
  • Pricing method and strategy advice
  • Insights on common mistakes + unfavourable practices
  • Market insights and trends

As the most prevalent property buyers in the greater Hobart market, we have unique insight into agent practices and results, as well as current buyer’s aspirations and challenges. This affords us a unique and valuable perspective; one we’d love to share with you.

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