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Vendor Advocacy

As the most prevalent property buyers in the Hobart market, we have unique insight into agent and agency practices, as well as current buyer’s motivations and challenges. This gives us a unique and valuable perspective; one we’d like to share with you.

Our VA clients enjoy stress free selling campaigns and consistently achieve premium sale prices for their homes in record times.


  • Your property offered to S&Co buyer database
  • Independent & confidential property appraisal
  • Asset Optimisation advice
  • Access to our extensive, trusted and at the ready trades people
  • Project management of pre-sale works
  • Strategic and impactful marketing advice
  • Photography + styling direction
  • Pricing strategy and selling method advice
  • Tips on de-risking and avoiding common mistakes 
  • Market + buyer insights and trends
  • Competitive fee range/structure advice
  • Sales agent shortlisting + interviewing
  • One on one negotiation advice and support
  • Overseeing satisfaction of buyer conditions

*Couple this service with Buyers Advocacy to acquire and settle on your new property with complimentary terms and timeframes.

Q: Can I afford a vendors advocate?
A: Our services are at no or little additional cost to you, the seller. We are paid a portion of the commission when your property successfully settles.

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